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The Advantages of Buying New

There has never been a better time buy a new home. The standard of home building within the UK is at an all-time high.

The building industry in general are investing a great deal of resources into the quality of their products each year; from exceptional levels of standard fitted features to improved energy efficiency, your new home will have all the latest features to ensure it’s the best you could wish for.

Huge leaps have been made in construction techniques and building regulations are becoming even more stringent, so your new home will be built to far greater standards than ever before.

The modern materials and building techniques we use mean our new homes can be up to 45%-55% more energy efficient than the average UK home, and help to reduce your bills and running costs considerably. The majority of appliances, cylinders and gas boilers will all be A rated to ensure your utility bills are reduced significantly. Additional money saved to spend on your new home or perhaps a well-earned holiday!

What’s more you will also love the fact that everything in a new home is clean, brand spanking new and untouched by previous owners !

There are many advantages with buying a new home compared to an old one, we have listed a few below,

  • No chain from our end means less stress and hassle.
  • The energy efficiency of a new home can be four times greater than an old one.
  • Maintenance and running costs will almost certainly be lower.
  • Sound proofing materials and techniques have improved significantly over the last 5 years, reducing noise levels and helping to prevent sounds from travelling.
  • New homes are designed with features that ensure security and safety is far better than ever before. Electrical circuit breakers, multi point locking systems, smoke alarms and fire resistant materials are fitted as standard in all new homes. Burglar alarms and electric garage doors may be fitted as standard depending on the house type, but in any circumstance can be included at your request.
  • Modern technology has vastly improved over the years. We fit as standard underfloor heating to the ground floor of all our new homes which leads to a far better living experience.
  • Modern luxuries come as standard within all our kitchens and bathrooms, giving you the feel of sumptuous living that you fully deserve.
  • We can even install integrated media and communication systems for everyday life, imagine being able to listen to your favourite music in any room you want at the touch of a button with speakers discreetly built in to each ceiling, all controlled via your smart phone.
  • A surround sound system built in to your living room ceiling and incorporated with your TV so you can go to the cinema, at home, every day!
  • The list is endless and our team would be delighted to discuss any additional feature you may want to incorporate in to your new home.

The earlier you reserve your new home during the build process, the more choice you’ll have, as some options will not be available past certain stages of construction.